Welcome to Rubber Rollers

Rubber Rollers Pty Ltd is a totally AUSTRALIAN owned industrial rubber company who have been established since 1964. Over this time we have been in the forefront of new innovating technologies and manufacturing techniques.

With new equipment such as a A.M.F Roller Building Machine we can manufacture rollers up to 6 metres in length and 1250 mm in diameter in all natural and synthetic rubber compounds specialising in pulleys in both fras and natural and any grooving pattern required.

The vacuum controlled Polyurethane plant can produce BUBBLE FREE ROLLERS TO 1250 mm IN DIAMETER AND 3 METRES in length.

With these modern facilities and the fact we mill our own formulated rubbers, we feel that we can supply you with the highest quality product at what is the most competitive pricing in AUSTRALIA.

Rubber Rollers Experience and Expertise

Rubber Rollers Pty Ltd has considerable experience in the Steel Fabrication Industry, Paper and Paper Recycling, Tanneries, Printing and Coating, Fabric Dying, Conveyer Rolls and Wheels in
Non Staining Food Grade and Static Free Compounds including Flame Resistant Anti Static
Rubber as approved by the Mines Department. Also Laminating Rollers and Glue Spreader Rollers.

Contact Us for further information on 02 4261 1769 or barrie@rubberrollers.com.au